Sophia Investigates the Good News Club

Screens at 4:10 PM, following Ron Goes to Heaven, on Saturday, September 14, 2013
Featured reporter Sophia Winkler will attend the festival!


Directed by Scott Burdick, 36 min, 2012

A window on the powerful religious fundamentalism that is forcing public schools to subsidize and promote its agenda. Learn why the Good News Club is bad news for kids. The intrepid skeptic reporter Sophia Winkler will be at AFF to answer questions about her experience diving into the Good News.

Q&A with the Director

I’ve heard from countless parents who, after watching the film, were shocked to find that the program existed in their own school or was in the processes of being set up.

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Quotes from the Film

I want to tell you a story about two little girls, Ashley and Zoey. Ashley said, “You don’t believe in Jesus, so you’re going to go to hell.”

I believe they should bring Christ back into the schools, and prayer and stuff like that.

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